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Arms Reach Foundation

Enriching Lives, Building Futures

As an integral part of our ethos at Arms Reach Foundation, we prioritise community enrichment and transformation. We proactively make meaningful contributions through philanthropic donations and volunteer engagement, focusing our support on pivotal areas like healthcare, education, and food security. Our dedication transcends economic transactions; instead, we foster positive long-term impact in areas that need it most.

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Arms Reach Foundation is immensely proud of our collaboration with Amref Health Africa.


We aim to reshape healthcare for diverse African communities, driven by a shared vision of positive change. 

Together, we uplift lives, ignite smiles, and spark hope all while creating stories of empowerment and optimism.


ArmsReach Foundation, in partnership with UFarmX, is revolutionizing agriculture in Africa using blockchain technology.

UfarmX® empowers smallholder farmers and uplifts local communities. With a 100-acre farm in Nigeria, they have trained over 600 farmers, resulting in an average yield increase of 300%.

Aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, their efforts include poverty alleviation and gender equality.

We are proud to collaborate with UfarmX® to support farmers in emerging markets, increase productivity and enhance food security, all while promoting financial inclusion

Agronomist Farmer
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