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Diversify, Prosper, Thrive

Diversification lies at the core of our investment strategy at Seraphim Holding Group.

We meticulously spread our portfolio across diverse asset classes, utilising proactive asset allocation and exceptional investment tactics to secure a competitive advantage. Our objectives are twofold: to navigate market volatility skilfully and leverage high-yield prospects. This methodology not only helps us build a strong foundation but also positions us to seize lucrative opportunities in the financial landscape.

Modern Building

Vista Gate Properties

Shaping Tomorrow, Today

Vista Gate Properties has expanded its investment horizons to encompass the global development and acquisition of both commercial and residential properties.


Our primary goals involve the strategic acquisition of land for new development projects and the revitalisation, expansion, and enhancement of existing properties. Our calculated approach underscores our commitment to delivering robust risk-adjusted returns, all the while safeguarding financial stability.

Our attention is directed towards multifamily properties ranging from 50 to 150 units within major urban markets and growth markets. This encompasses both ground-up construction and value-add opportunities.

Alta Quest Equity

Pioneering Investments, Shaping The Future.

Alta Quest Equity diligently evaluates both direct and indirect investments across a spectrum of asset classes, encompassing venture capital, growth equity, and the forefront of technological advancements like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies.


Our overarching objective is to swiftly enter new and emerging markets while placing a priority on diversification. Our investment strategies are meticulously crafted, with a focus on innovation implemented by effective team management. These strategies are designed to harmonise with and proactively respond to prevailing global macro trends.

Stock Exchange
Commercial Building Entrance

PrimeCore Capital

Where Expertise Meets Results

PrimeCore Capital, an investment fund, has consistently achieved remarkable success with an impressive track record of over 1000% accumulated profits and a Sharpe ratio exceeding 4.0. Our approach is dynamic and scalable, spanning diverse asset classes to navigate various market conditions. Central to our success is effective risk management, ensuring a robust foundation for sustained performance.


The high Sharpe ratio reflects our commitment to delivering not only significant returns but also maintaining a disciplined and calculated approach to risk. With a team of seasoned professionals and a culture of continuous improvement, PrimeCore Capital is positioned to redefine investment excellence and continue delivering value to our investors.

We engage in trading activities only when entry valuations are reasonable. Our investment decisions are rooted in meticulous analysis, ensuring that each trade aligns with our comprehensive strategy.



At New Era Global Markets, we're a premier proprietary forex trading firm, driven by innovation and excellence.

We provide opportunities for traders to manage large capital accounts, focusing on strategy, risk management, and proven profitability. 

Our advanced technology ensures lightning-fast execution and access to real-time data, giving our traders a competitive edge. With expert guidance from seasoned professionals, we offer personalized mentorship to navigate the forex market successfully. Through our transparent profit-sharing model, traders are rewarded proportionately, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership for success.

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